Friday, September 18, 2009

First time working with vinyl

This was so much fun! I never worked with vinyl on my Cricut before, but it was SO easy! My hubby and I made this for our daughter's room. It was a neat project to do because he helped with it. He made the wood blocks, we painted them together and he got to use the Cricut to cut out the letters (which he loved!) He had so much fun typing the letters in and peeling the stuff off afterwards. I used my ZooBalloo cartridge for the letters. I ended up not liking how the original "B" cut so I ended up filling the image and re-cutting it. Then I added some Bazzill paper flowers with Sugarcoating brads to hold the flowers together. It really looks nice in her room!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cricut Celebrates 100th cartridge!

Cricut is celebrating it's 100th cartridge by giving away 100 Winter Woodland cartridges! They'll be giving 20 each week for 5 weeks. For a chance to win go to there website and check it out.......

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My very first post! Woo-hoo!!

WOW! My very first post ever. The fact that I have started my own blog is amazing, because I am so low-tech. I accidentally stumbled on to this whole online scrapbooking world one day while playing around on the Cricut website. Since that day I have spent countless hours checking out others blogs. I just love seeing all the creative and beautiful things others are doing. Which has inspired me to create my own place to share. So thanks for taking the time to stop by! And please feel free to leave me a comment.